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A pair of B/C valve covers for a Ford Y block V8 engine

Welcome to the B/C section of our website! The B/C brand originated in Lower Hutt, New Zealand back in the 1960's and stands for Berry and Chung, the two originators of the brand, Graham Berry and Dave Chung. As two pioneers of hot rodding and drag racing in New Zealand, Graham's incredible pattern making skills were put to good use developing speed equipment for popular cars of the day.

In 2002 Resto Spares Ltd acquired most of the remaining B/C patterns from Nick Leifting at Greenlane Speed Shop and is progressively refurbishing the patterns so that the equipment can be put back into production. Interest from the vehicle enthusiast community has been considerable and so far we are back in production with valve rocker covers for Ford Y block V8, Ford Zephyr, Ford Anglia , Ford FE V8, Holden red motor, small block Chevrolet plus inlet manifolds for Ford Zephyrs. Watch this space for more to come!!

Now in production -

Finned alloy rocker covers for ;

Ford Anglia Cortina
Ford Zephyr Mk 1
Ford Zephyr Mk 2 and 3
Ford Capri Zephyr Essex V6
Ford Y block V8 - Thunderbird style
Ford FE big block V8
Chevrolet small block V8
Holden straight six red motor

available ready to be polished

Intake manifolds for;

Ford Zephyr Mk 1,2 and 3 for mounting twin Zenith down draught carbs
Ford Zephyr Mk 1,2 and 3 for mounting triple SU or Stromberg side draught carbs

Coming soon;

Chevrolet big block finned alloy rocker covers
Ford Zephyr straight six finned alloy side plates
3 ear wheel spinners
B/C novelty items
Rootes Group alloy and iron head finned alloy rocker covers
Holden gray motor finned alloy rocker covers
Ford V8 Windsor finned alloy rocker covers
B/C bug catcher air scoops